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What could be causing my PC to close Roblox and crash Minecraft after getting it back from a technical service? I have been experiencing some issues with my PC that prevent me from playing Roblox and Minecraft properly. Here are some clues that might help diagnose the problem: When I play Roblox and need to use asset IDs for in-game items, if I switch to another tab or window, my screen flashes and Roblox closes itself without any error message. When I play modded Minecraft, it crashes constantly, regardless of how many mods I have installed. It happens both when I create a new world or enter an existing one. These issues started after I got my PC back from a technical service that fixed some memory-related problems I had before. I don't know what they did exactly, but it seems to have affected my PC's performance. I have tried to find a solution online, but I couldn't find anything relevant or helpful. I am very frustrated and annoyed by this situation.
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