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Hello, we would like you to present our worldwide banking solution Nextel.Capital. We have just launched our e-banking platform for beta customers onboarding. Basically is a modern e-Banking solution without boundaries. We provide solutions to receive and transfer money via SEPA (EU), CHAPS (UK) or ACH (US) domestic bank accounts, SWIFT worldwide bank transfers. SEPA Instant, GB Faster Payments are supported. Our platform allows to register and deposit money via cryptocurrency, receive payments via domestic US, UK, EU bank wires, withdraw balance to credit card, mobile wallets, cryptocurrency, or send money to any bank account worldwide. We work with international partners, so any country is accepted. We do not disclose information about our customers to third parties. Also our 2 levels referral system is enabled for our customers - receive 25% from the profits of your referred people and extra 5%
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